So you’re planning your wedding, scouring Pinterest and considering venues. But all these traditions are starting to feel.. well… ho-hum. The processional, the cocktail hour, the reception. All these “top 100 songs to play” playlists are all starting to sound the same and none of it feels like you.

So how do you break out of the box and plan a wedding to remember for decades? The easiest way is to mix up your wedding entertainers.

Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of your wedding entertainment – no matter how big or small your guest list is:

Complement your music with entertainers

You already know you are going to have music for your cocktail hour and reception. But there are so many different types of entertainers that can add an extra “wow” factor, like professional dancers or  fire performers. You could also hire champagne servers to greet your guests so they can mingle, rather than lining up at the bar.

Create an interactive experience

dance instructors as wedding entertainment

If you want to get people on the floor, there’s no better way than with interactive entertainers. If you have a Latin band playing, also consider salsa dancers. After a quick performance, they can open up the dance floor by engaging your guests with mini dance classes.  Good entertainers will be able to pull people onto the floor without making them uncomfortable.


Honor your heritage with your wedding entertainers

Bride and Groom celebrating with mariachi wedding entertainment in the backgroundWe have a strong Latino community here in South Florida, and we find that many people want to honor their heritage beyond just music.

For example, you could hire a Cuban band with salsa dancers and a cigar roller. Or maybe you want to surprise your guests with an Hora Loca show or Venezuelan tambores.

Bottom line

Between music, dancers and entertainers, there are many different ways to spice up your wedding reception. If you’re looking for more unique, fun ideas to create an extra “wow” factor during your wedding, Al-Vento is here to help!

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