Corporate conferences are a big deal. They give organizations an opportunity to bring people together and learn about new products, offerings and/or corporate vision. Often, conferences act as a vehicle for outbound marketing – whether to recruit new employees or gain new customers. But in order for this to work, you must entice people to come. How do you create an engaging conference that doesn’t feel like one big meeting? Through carefully-planned conference entertainment.

Looking for ideas on how to strategically use conference entertainment to keep your attendees engaged? Here are some tried-and-true methods that fit into every budget:

Kick it off with entertainers

Bring in an Emcee, DJ or band to get everyone motivated from the start. This is a great way to connect with your corporate culture and lead into opening remarks from your keynote speaker.

Break up the day with a live act

A female singer from the band Social Sound performs at a weddingChances are, your attendees are bouncing between conference rooms, learning about your products and/or services. They might be meeting with leadership or sitting on panel discussions. By lunchtime, they are probably mentally spent.

This is a good time to bring in a live act.  Something upbeat and fun that breathes some fresh air into the day. Consider hiring a comedian, a band or a dance group that will pump up the energy levels and get people motivated.

Add interactive entertainers to your tradeshow

Conventions often include tradeshows where vendors, partners and business departments can set up booths. Make your tradeshow stand out with interactive entertainers that fit with your overall theme.

This is also a good way to engage your audience in social marketing. We’ve seen some companies get creative by designing scavenger hunts through their tradeshows – their attendees have to find specific items and post them on social media with a designated hashtag in order to win. If you want to drive traffic to certain booths, plan to have your entertainers constantly moving between these booths so that your attendees have to seek them out. This keeps traffic moving the way you want it to.

Spice up your gala or after party

An LED robot makes a big impression, entertaining at a corporate eventGalas and afterparties provide another great way to infuse your company culture into your conference. Whether you host a formal evening or a street party, you can bring in breathtaking acts to amaze your attendees.

Consider hiring professional dancers, aerialists or fire dancers to perform throughout the night.

Get started with your conference entertainment

If you need help finding professional, awe-inspiring entertainers that fit your corporate culture, Al-Vento is here to assist. We’ve carefully selected professional, reliable entertainers, musicians and bands that know how to keep audiences engaged.  Ready to get started? Let’s chat about your next conference.

When we start event planning, we all have the same goal. We want to throw an awesome party. One that has everyone laughing, talking, dancing and making memories that last a lifetime. No pressure, right? We’ve got some event entertainment tips so that you can hire the right entertainers for your party.

Identify the experience you want to create

Band performing for live audienceClose your eyes and imagine it. When you picture the height of your party, what does it feel like? Is it a formal, elegant affair? Is it a jam-packed dance floor? Is it a cool, sophisticated cocktail party?

Perhaps you plan to have an interactive experience for your guests. Or you want something subtle and subdued that allows people to mingle and network.


Ask around and read reviews

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search, it’s time to do a little more research on your potential performers. Now is the time to start reading up on reviews. The Knot, Wedding Wire and Facebook are all great places to see what people are saying.

We also recommend asking your venue, event planner and friends who they recommend. In some cases, your venue may only allow previously approved entertainers who pass their standards for professionalism and quality.

Ask the right questions

Once you’ve established the experience you are trying to create, it’s time to reach out to the entertainers Event entertainment tips - interview your band. Two people interviewing over coffee.that will shape that vibe. But how do you make sure you are working with the right person? We recommend interviewing your entertainers (or booking company) to make sure they are the right fit for your party. Here are some questions we recommend:

  • How long has the band/group been established?
  • How many members of the band/group are there?
  • Is there a lot of turnover within the band/group?
  • When was the last time a band member left the group?
  • How frequently does the band/group perform for events similar to yours?
  • Is the band/group/production company familiar with your venue?
  • Are there any technical requirements that the band/group has, in order to perform?
  • Will there be anyone on-site to help if there are technical issues with the sound and/or performance?

Book your event entertainer

You followed our event entertainment tips and found the perfect entertainer (or entertainers). Now it’s time to get down to business. In most cases you will have to put down a deposit and sign a contract to lock your performers in. If you’re working through an event or wedding planner, they will help you with this process.

Once you receive the entertainer’s contract, you typically have to sign and submit your deposit by a certain day. If you aren’t able to send back this information right away, so make sure to mark your calendar so you don’t lose your entertainer.

Did these event entertainment tips help you? Do you have any of your own? Leave them in the comments!